Sometimes in 2019, I wanted to learn a new skill, so I evaluated my interest, past experience and skills and decided to learn Data Science. At that time, Data Science appeared to me as a skill that would be relevant for a long time, a skill that has the potential to earn me high income.

That year, in the month of July, I made an important move towards my desire to learn Data Science, I Googled for different training programs and courses and then I settled for an Udemy course. I bought a training bundle – Data Science course and Business Intelligence Analyst course for $19.98, it was a bargain and I easily paid for it.

More than 4 years after purchasing these two courses, I have only completed 5% of the Data Science course and 1% of the Business Intelligence Analyst course. Interest or time is not the reason I haven’t completed these courses after these years, it is also not because it didn’t cost me much. I believe it is simply that I have not made an actual commitment and setup a routine that can help me follow through till completion.

Since I still feel the same way about learning Data Science and thankfully the course is still available to me in my Udemy profile, I have now made a commitment to return to it and spend at least 1 hour daily on the course till completion. I have also decided to journal my learnings and publish an article about the progress I’m making and my new knowledge.

I am positive that I can make a much better progress this time, however, I would not be hard on myself if I miss a day or two or even a week of learning. I will simply get back and pick up again.

If you have the time, please follow along with me and hold me accountable. Perhaps you might also learn a thing or if you are already familiar with the subject, you can share your knowledge so we rub minds together.

Learning a new skill is never a waste of time, after all, Albert Einstein once said “When you stop learning you start dying”. Welcome to this journey with me.

8 thoughts on “Learn Data Science with Lekan Esan – Day 1”
  1. Hello Sir.
    I’m in Sir. Keep on the brilliant work. I have known you to be a goal getter.
    Feel so proud of your person.

  2. Thumbs up..I’m rooting for you always. I wish I can transition from Medical field into Data Science and Tech. Lolx. I will like you to also talk about how to strike a balance between both. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. Technology is applicable in all fields, I will write about how professionals in other fields can apply Tech, especially recent innovations in AI in their fields. Stay tuned.

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