How many cards are in a deck of Cards? 52. It consists of 13 Spades, 13 Hearts, 13 Clubs and 13 Diamonds. Playing Card, Coin, Dice are objects commonly used in explaining Probability.

Today, I was introduced to the concept of Probability. It was a good refresher for me. I learnt what a sample space is, I also learnt about trials and experiments, events, theoretical probabilities, experimental probabilities and much more.

The video below very well summarizes my learnings for today, it explains the concept of Probability, Expected Values, Frequency Distribution and Complement.

I understand that this is about laying the necessary foundation and every topic is a build up to another topic.

Next for tomorrow on my course content is Combinatorics, I will be learning about Variations, Permutations and Combinations.

It’s becoming more and more exciting for me.

See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Learn Data Science with Lekan Esan – Day 3”
  1. Definitely following up with this learning process. I’m also interested in Data Analytics. From your write up, it is safe to say it’s just a minute part of Data Science; also as the name implies. Kudos my friend. I will reach out to you so we could discuss this in full details.

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