As we celebrate the independence of Nigeria today, I remember the words of Dr. Sam Adeyemi, whom in 2019 made remarks about the postponement of the general elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Election postponed, I am surprised that we are surprised.

I have defined what I believe is the basic problem of the country, the construction of the average Nigerian, that greedy one, that very selfish character that’s in love with mediocrity, and does not mind sabotaging the country just to gain some personal advantage, so as I was looking at the INEC chairman & looking at the commissioners, I saw beyond them to the hundreds of people involved, to the hundreds of companies involved, to the many that would have inflated the contracts, the ones that would have shared a good chunk of the money, and even lost the right to correct anybody or force them to do the right thing.

I was looking through the whole thing and said… so I saw why. So if that is the problem, what is the solution? Us. That whatever it is you have the opportunity to do, however small it is, that you do it well.

That is the starting point.

Sam Adeyemi

Truly, we have become independent of the colonial masters, we must each make personal commitment to become truly independent of widespread limiting culture of sabotage, selfishness, mediocrity, greed, “crab mentality”, and many of such culture that have made real progress an illusion for the nation Nigeria.

Where else can we call home? Even if other countries can open their gates widely for every Nigerian to enter, can we all leave and run to another man’s land for succour for our problems that is largely our own creations?

Nigeria can be a great nation, Nigeria can be a respected nation, Nigeria can have great leaders. All Nigerians can live a good life. As Dr. Sam Adeyemi remarked, the starting point is Us. You and I.

Will you today evaluate your character and commit or re-commit to a lifestyle of excellence? That whatever it is you have the opportunity to do, however small it is, that you will do it well?

I will do the same and together we can become excellent individuals whose impact and influence will be felt starting with our families and friends and as a result gradually cause a ripple effect that shapes our nation into a respected and great nation of our dreams.

Pray for Nigeria, we would live to experience a great and new Nigeria that works.

Happy Independence Day.

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