You must have an understanding of the process and the product.

Have you ever treated yourself to a well cooked vegetable soup and pounded yam, garnished with goat meat and a chilled Coca-Cola drink by the side? Oh my! So yummy! If you haven’t, I should take you on a trip to Ekiti State.

Like a well cooked pounded yam, a new car is sleek, easy to drive, full of comfort. What about a gold wristwatch? It shines, it last long. You and I know how beautiful and pleasing a finished product can be.

But hey, that’s the product, what about the process? The grinding, the pounding, the hitting of metal on metal, the research, the planning, the strategic executions of plans.

Don’t just fall in love with who you want to become, the kind of success you want to achieve, the kind of impart you want to make.

You’ll have to consider the process. It may mean that you’ll cut your expenses on making calls, you may have to start reading different books, attending conferences, instead of sugared drinks what about water?

You may have to reduce your sleep time, you may have to cut the time you spend watching television.

Fall in love with the process to become the product you desire.

You can become whatever you want to become, you can have whatever you want to have, you’ll have to learn and fall in love with the process.

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