“Where is my Stapler?” That is the voice of my Dad, asking my brother and I where we kept his Stapler. My Dad has a place for everything, his car keys, his shoes, his bags, everything have their own place in the room.

I grew up indirectly learning the essence of orderliness from my Dad; I saw how easy it was for him to locate any of his personal stuffs whenever he needed them. It saves him a lot of time going straight to where he normally keeps something and finds it there. I see dissatisfaction in him when we have used his Stapler or any other thing and did not return it appropriately.

I have grown to discover that when things are in order, you will be precise, you will save time, you will be more productive, and you will save yourself some headache that usually occurs when searching for something you loosely kept.

I do a few things just to put my life in order and I intend to do more. I fold my used and dirty cloths and stack them appropriately in a place. I stack my books and neatly arrange them and keep them in the corner of the room where I can easily pick anyone I want to read. I arrange files and folders on my Laptop and put related documents in the same place.

Hey, today is Saturday, will you look around and see if there are things you can put in order?

For maximum achievement in 2018, orderliness will play a key role.

Take charge. Be the master of your space. What do you do to put things in order? Share with me in the comment.

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